Healers and spiritual coaches have customized and automated their sales, marketing, and customer support


Courses have been hosted on the GEM platform on the topics of spirituality, alternate healing, mind over matter, etc


Students from all over the world have participated in health and wellness courses


Saved by replacing all marketing tools with GEM Software by all Bossbabes combined

Intuitive interface

Easy to use

24/7 LIVE support

9997+ of training material

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Haven't we all wished for a magic wand to solve all your marketing, sales, and support problems with a wave at some point of time in our spiritual and holistic healing practice?

Well ask and it is given. Your seeking ends here.

Now we don't have a magic wand.

We have something better and more realistic.

We have GEM!

Global Entrepreneurship Movement Software.

And this All-In-One GEM software comes at a small fraction of the cost.

We have something better and more realistic.

We have GEM!

Global Entrepreneurship Movement Software.

And this All-In-One GEM software comes at a small fraction of the cost.

You can end up saving more than $1400 every month with this GEM.

Check out the chart below and find out how.

The All-In-One GEM Marketing and Sales software is made for…

Manifestation Coaches

...who want to manifest more time to focus on their business and automate their sales, marketing, and messaging.

Holistic Health & Business Coaches

...who would like to let go of a whole lot of marketing, sales and nurturing efforts

Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Counsellors, & Coaches

...who understand that having time to enjoy life apart from business is the true spirit of entrepreneurship

Psychics, Healers, & Mediums

...who want to keep track of all messages with an all in one communication medium

Breathworkers, Vibrational Healers, & Yoga Teachers

...who want the flexibility that can be achieved by delegating tasks to GEM.

Women Empowerment Coaches & Retreat Facilitators

...could use a personal assistant software that collects payments, tracks client progress, and send reminders emails, and SMS

Astrologers & Transformational coaches

...who want to transform themselves from working round the clock to having time to enjoy life apart from business

Homoeopaths, Nutritionists, & Naturopathic healers

...who want to let go of lead generation, closing and nurturing efforts without affecting their business

Why Use GEM?

BecauSe it’s not just about sessions

Keep clients accountable and manage your practice like a pro. GEM is the management platform for alternate and traditional health and wellness professionals.


Member Engagement

Get organized and have complete details about your clients and their coaching sessions in one place.


Booking & Scheduling

Comprehensive coaching scheduling software, with the ability to schedule classes, appointments, calls & shifts, all via a shared scheduler.


Staff Management

GEM is a competitive staff management platform. It’s time to invest in your people and make it a business strategy.


Optimize your client management. Explore & understand your customers. Sell memberships & coaching sessions online & on the app, anywhere, to anyone.


Point of Sale

Sell products, coaching sessions, or programs, GEM's point of sale is built for coaching instructors & savvy entrepreneurs.


Customer Portal

Support your clients with a portal, where you can provide essential information and set goals. Issue certificates, unlock lessons when previous one completed, drip feed lessons daily, or just have the total membership open at all times.


Customer App

Allow customers to stay connected to their account, anytime, anywhere. Improve productivity and sales.


Close more coaching sessions with GEM. GEM's easy-to-use drag and drop sales pipeline, coupled with our automation tools and reward program helps you close more sales, faster.


Lead Management

Stay organized, avoid chaos & easily capture leads on your own website, and get a big picture view of your entire sales process.



Save hours every day with our advanced automation tools. Send notifications based on events and customer behavior.


Reward Program

Grow your coaching business with our best-in-class reward program, trusted by 1000’s coaching professionals.


Integrated payments & invoices. Empower customers to pay for coaching sessions and programs with GEM.



Simplify subscriptions management with GEM. Untap new revenue and get visibility into every member's lifestyle.


Unified Payments

Sell everywhere and manage everything with GEM and take in-person, or on-the-go payments.


Staff App

Take GEM with you, wherever you are. Work doesn’t stop when your coaching stops.

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Gem Software Is Unique Because You Can


Where you can create unlimited online courses, membership sites, funnels, & websites. Where you can also get access to unlimited FREE templates for your funnels & websites.


Automation links all your sites to full communication flows. Never miss a message again! Automate emails, texts, voice messages, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM's


You can come together in various offers of free coaching, tutorials, and masterclasses offered by existing GEM users. Acquire new skills, brainstorm, and get additional help towards creating your perfect online business. We have a community for Monthly coaching calls, weekly tutorial zoom sessions, and each month, a masterclass on anything from consciousness to creating your project.

Can you believe what people are saying about GEM?

Lynda Toohey - CEO Vesta Community Care

Stef Freeman - Certified Holistic Health Coach

Start your 14 Day FREE trial NOW and get a consultation call worth $497 absolutely free!


Let Go of All Your Existing Software Tools and Save Thousands!



There is no limit to how many online courses or membership sites you can create in GEM. Also, there is no limit to how large your membership areas can be. If you are aquatinted with teachable or kartra then our membership area is the same in look, style, and design.


There is NO LIMIT to the number of funnels and websites you can build. We also have NO LIMIT to the number of Free templates you can request. Also if you are a Clickfunnels user it is a 'ONE CLICK IMPORT' of your Clickfunnels into GEM. Saving you $$$$


Our 'Workflows' feature lets you mind map out your email, text, voice message, FB messenger, & Insta DM message sequence. Set it up to fire when someone fills out a form, makes a booking, or purchases for a truly automated experience.


Ditch Calendly or any other calendar and booking program as we have one of the most sophisticated systems available today. Place your calendars directly into your funnels or websites and take bookings instantly. (We even have Eliza the AI system that will communicate with your lead and secure the booking!)


We have a mobile app you can connect and download to your phone for all those connections you need to keep track of on the run. See your calendar, bookings, and appointments. Access your CRM and contacts. Check your pipeline and see how the flow of leads is moving through your processes.


Create unlimited forms, surveys, and even quizzes for your funnels & websites. Because our software is connected when someone fills out one of your forms it can trigger a huge range of actions your set and fully automated your online business. No more need for Typeform, WooFoo or other programs.


Plan ahead & ensure your content strategy makes sense. Visualise & see posts in advance. Say goodbye to messy acc management & time-intensive posting with an inbuilt social media scheduler. Schedule posts to your business page, FB group, Instagram, Linked in, Google My Business page Etc


We know you will LOVE the GEM platform so much that naturally you will want to tell everyone! So we give you your own version of this landing page to generate your own income with. Everyone that purchases via your page you get a generous 20% MONTHLY COMMISSION. We take care of the follow up system, looking after your affiliates all you do is share your link!

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Billed monthly, no set up fee. Restricted Software
  • CRM, Inbox & Smart Lists
  • Calendar & appointment scheduler
  • Two way text* and email conversation
  • Social media scheduler
  • 'Google My Business' messaging
  • Web chat
  • Reputation management
  • Facebook Messenger integration
  • 'Google My Business' call tracking
  • Automatic missed call text back
  • Text* to pay
  • Access to Conscious Entrepreneurs
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Weekly GEM tutorial zoom sessions

Twillio* is an extra feature we set up for you to enable Texts from your account.



Billed monthly, no set up fee. Restricted Software

Everything in the Gold Plus Plan...
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Forms & Surveys
  • Chat bot
  • Workflows
  • Pipeline/Opportunities
  • Google My Business reviews & reporting
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited free funnel templates



Billed monthly, no set up fee. Restricted Software

Everything in Gold & Platinum Plus...

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited online course/memberships
  • Social media scheduler
  • Invoicing Capacity
  • Advanced HTML & email templates
  • FB ads reporting
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited free website templates
  • Unlimited free business snapshots
  • Monthly business coaching sessions
  • Monthly astrological & energetic coaching sessions
  • PLUS we will build you a FREE one page website with full automation.

Start your 14 Day FREE trial NOW and get a consultation call worth $497 absolutely free!


Don't Forget To Collect All The Limited-Time Bonuses Worth $6,488 For Absolutely Free

01. Community FB Groups

(Value: $197 - FREE for a Limited Time)

We have three FB groups. One for all our members where we support you and keep you informed. The VIP group where we support our VIP customers. There's a third group where you can add people that may be interested. We will provide great content to entrepreneurs in this group and when they decide to take action with GEM we send them to you to use your affiliate link to sign up. Giving you a guaranteed monthly income.

02. Diamond Coaching

(Value: $3997 - FREE for a Limited Time)

For the Diamond level members, we work with you to help you produce your mini offer or course. Our coaching calls dive into your genius and work with you on building your offer and value ladder. We coach you on lead gen, video production, branding, copywriting all aspects of crafting your offer.

03. Free Fully Built Out Business Systems

(Value: $1997 - FREE for a Limited Time)

We have a range of different fully built out business systems we refer to as 'snapshots' that you can select and have downloaded into your account.

Complete with websites, funnels, forms, calendars, email text, and voice message automation. Just edit it to suit your own business.

04. Promotion Of Your Offers To The Community

(Value: $297 - FREE for a Limited Time)

Each month we have a 'Member Spotlight' where we promote your offers and your business to our members and to the leads group of thousands of people.

We also have the Members Market place where every offer, course, and funnel you create can be placed in the marketplace for other members that may be looking for your services and products.

Start your 14 Day FREE trial NOW and get a consultation call worth $497 absolutely free!


Meet The Founder and Creator of GEM


Debbie O Mewes

Author, International Psychic and Spiritual Medium.

Founder: Spiritpreneurs | Global Entrepreneurs Movement

Debbie is the CEO of GEM Software & a Spiritual Coaching leader.

She has over 25 years of experience in the spiritual field as an internationally acclaimed medium, author, course & retreat facilitator.

Debbie has successfully managed to blend the business & spiritual worlds of conscious entrepreneurs with GEM software.

Debbie is of the strong belief that the material activities of sales and marketing tasks should happen on its own so spiritual coaches could focus on helping the clients and bringing them relief.

Global Entrepreneurship Movement software is a result of over 5 years of Debbie’s efforts to accomplish customized and automated sales, marketing, and customer support tool.

It's an end-all be-all CRM created by a spiritual coach for her fellow spiritual sheroes.

Let's Take A Sneak Peek At Some Of the Masterclasses Hosted and Managed With GEM

Debbie’s Bossbabes just can't stop raving about the GEM Software!

Start your 14 Day FREE trial NOW and get a consultation call worth $497 absolutely free!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I build membership in GEM?

    Of course, you can create everything from mini-courses to full memberships. With native video hosting so no need to pay expensive video hosting fees for your online course!

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes, you can, there are no lock-in contracts and you are free to leave at any time.

  • How many websites/landing pages can be built in one account?


  • Can I do automated and text sequences?

    Yes! fully automated! You can even send a voice message to your client on their birthday!

  • Is there an opportunity to create my own online course?

    Yes! We have full training & full capacity to build amazing online courses.

  • If I purchase GEM, does that mean I won’t need to get a web host?

    YES! that is correct! You DON'T have to purchase hosting.

  • I've also just used survey monkey & Typeform to gather data can I use this?

    YES! We have all forms, surveys, and quiz applications. You can do it all in GEM. Let go of all other types of applications monkeys

  • Can moving the placement of all leads in the pipeline stages be automated or do they each have to be manually adjusted by a team member?

    It can be 100% AUTOMATED!

  • Can GEM do email marketing?

    Yes, it does email marketing, SMS, Facebook page messenger, Google business contacts, automated calling, or have it add tasks (like outgoing calling) to your task list tied to the contacts and more.

  • Do you need different accounts for different businesses or can you use one account to do everything?

    It’s up to your personal choice. However, you can run all your businesses from one account.

  • Can GEM be used with a Shopify store?


  • I use Calendly for my bookings can I use GEM for this?

    YES! We have an incredible integrated calendar & booking system so you no longer need Calendly. You can save money there.

  • Can I bring over funnel templates from 'Clickfunnels' or do I have to start from scratch?

    YES! It's a 'one click' operation to import your funnels from 'Clickfunnels' into GEM.

  • Does GEM integrate with Facebook?

    YES! GEM software integrates with your FB Business page as well as FB and IG Messenger.

  • Can I import my contacts easily?

    Yes, you can download your contacts from your existing email service provider and import the CSV directly into your GEM account.

  • Can I take paid and free appointments?

    Yes, you can arrange to take paid and free appointments with the inbuilt calendar and the GEM appointment setter. You can also connect your GEM calendar to your Google or Outlook calendar so there is no double booking EVER!

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